How I Look When I'm Lying


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released February 17, 2011

All songs written, produced, performed, and recorded by Q.Ledbetter
Drums on tracks 2, 3 and 5 composed and performed by Ryan Conner
Additional vocals on track 7 performed by Ryan Conner



all rights reserved


Q.LEDBETTER New York, New York

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Track Name: How I Look When I'm Lying
there's a choke inside your throat
and a turning down below
it's getting cold
that's how you know

when a lie becomes what's real
and the statement signed and sealed
my stomach is ill
that's how it feels
that's how it feels

when my eyes go off to the side
that's a sign
that's a sign
when the lies in our lives
are masters of disguise
just give it time
just give it time
it'll come to light

if it's a lie
don't open my eyes
i'd rather be blind
life is too divine
i've never been this high
never in my life
Track Name: Rise to the Falls
i'm not
ready to stop
but we're getting older
like it or not

the walls
force me to halt
but, God lift us over
rise to the falls

would you save my life
would you save my life

from the lies
the givers and takers
we all need a savior
the cold and despised

i might
not get the call
if i slip and i fall
are you at my side

to save my life
to save my life
Track Name: The Tree of Life
papa raised his seed
upon the grassy fields
walked the valley deep
and climbed upon the hills

better raise me right
tell a boy how to live his life
if i go astray
shine a light that'll show my way

mother nature blows
songs of now
and songs of old
stories that we once were told
building dreams of
worlds unknown

would you take me there
to this day i ain't gone nowhere
if there's a God
tell the Lord that I did my job

maybe i'm
a little afraid to fall in love
maybe life
is a little too much
to swallow
Track Name: The Start
we've reached the part
where the road divides
you'll break my heart
if you so decide
to go from the start

bring the lows
to the highs
we can both

all my heart
all my soul
we've gone to far
to parts unknown
let's go to the start

bring the lows
to the highs
we can both

i've been waiting all this time
for someone to save me
love is never far behind
so what are you saying

you choose your way in life
you choose your way in life
Track Name: Monkey See, Monkey Do
monkey see
monkey do
that's how it is
rolling stone
leaves the seed
for broken kids

for when they come
they run
for the hills

when they come
they run for the hills

when it comes
you'd better run
for the hills

'cause when it comes
it's gonna gun
for the kill

you can call it revenge
of nature's law
it's gonna come for you

when you leave it alone
on it's own
that's what it's gonna do
Track Name: Travel the Roads that we Know
kick up the dirt
beneath your heels
no one knows
how it feels
to be this lonely

i need the space enough
to grow
time should move as slow
to give us the patience

and travel the roads
that we know
Track Name: The Passed
the past
in lomo photographs
the relics of your life
your life

your eyes
were nothing i despised
but it's much too hard to bear
to bear

i've never compromised
'cause it's not enough
for us

when you were mine
i felt something divine
but, did God tear it apart
the agnostic heart

it's been a while since i
knelt down to pray
down to pray

i wish i could erase enough
i wish i could escape your love

you're always on my mind